Nepali Christian Songs


This website has been established for the purpose of collecting and distributing the lyrics of Christian songs in the Nepali language. While several song books have been published, this website seeks to address the needs of those wishing to use these songs with computer projection systems. The songs have been arranged in alphabetical order using the first words of the songs as titles. The currently supported fonts for using this website are Mangal, Kanjirowa, Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Grande and Akshar Unicode. Despite the standardization of Unicode fonts, some differences in rendering do occur. These can be compared to the Nepali Font Standards. Although Mangal does not fully conform to this standard, it is retained as the preferred font due to its superior legibility. Common rendering differences are shown below (Figure 1). Alternate fonts are available from the South Asian Language Resource Center. This website is currently undergoing initial development.

Nepali glyphs and ligatures
Figure 1. Glyph and ligature variations in relatively sans serif Nepali fonts: original documents vs. four modern computer fonts. From top to bottom: the glyph for jha, the ligature for ra + ya = rya, the ligature for ta + ta = tta, the ligature for ka + ta = kta, the ligature ka + ra = kra, the ligature ha + wa = hwa, the ligature chha + ya = chhya, the ligature ha + na = hna, the ligature Sha + Ta = ShTa, the ligature da + wa = dwa, the ligature Nga + ka = Ngka, the ligature Nga + ga = Ngga, the ligature dha + ya = dhya, and the ligature na + na = nna (where 'S' == 'ṣ', 'T' == 'ṭ' and 'Ng' == 'ṅ' because these characters do not render on some platforms).

The 'PROJECTOR' links open song lyrics in a separate window that can be used as a lyrics display on a second monitor, i.e. a projector. To change the font size use CTRL + or CTRL -. To reset the font size, use CTRL 0. This feature works properly only in JavaScript enabled browsers.

Although these lyrics have been carefully transcribed from other sources (including the books महिमाका गीतहरू (Songs of Glory), ख्रीष्टीय भजन, सियोन के गीत (Song of Zion) & The Songs of Upasana) and reviewed by native speakers, typographical errors may still occasionally be found. These lyrics are provided AS-IS without guarantee of correctness. The contents of this website are provided as a service to the Nepali speaking Christian community and may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission. I wish to thank my reviewers including Pastor Yacob Monger, Siyon Subba, Silash Ramdam, Arun Rai and Deepak Rai. Without their significant contributions, this project could not have been accomplished. For this purpose of typing these songs, I have used the Nepali language version of the program Indic Input 2, which is available from Microsoft Bhasha. This program will allow you to type Nepali in most programs on your computer including Microsoft Office applications and Facebook and YouTube in your web browser.

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