kb = ख्रीष्टीय भजन; mg = महिमाका गीतहरू (Songs of Glory); sz = सियोन के गीत (Song of Zion); su = The Songs of Upasana; spg = स्तुती प्रशंसाका गीतहरू; sd = स्वर्गीय धुन (Heavenly Melody)
s = song; hs = Hindi song; c = chorus; hc = Hindi chorus; he = Hindi-English chorus; ch = children's song; ns = new song; np = new praise song; nw = new worship song
स्केल (Scale):ताल (Time Signature)
red = Nepali; blue = Hindi; black = no lyrics yet

क्षत्र । ज्ञ

No songs yet for this letter.